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This console is easy to carry. In my case, it works perfectly. I mainly tested it with games like GTA, Zelda, and I encountered no problems. I really love it, so much so that I bought another one to give to my nephew for his birthday. Recommended without a doubt.

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In a world where retro video games reclaim their spot in gamers' hearts, our pocket Play offers a solution. With our Pocket Play, rediscover the charm of old-school games and finally find the satisfaction you seek.

Imagine being able to dive into captivating adventures in just a few minutes, whether it's during a travel break or simply at home, thanks to Pocket Play. Don't let lack of time hinder your passion for games.

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Say goodbye to boredom and endless waiting during your travels. It's not your fault if modern games don't meet your expectations.

Pocket Play revives the flame of nostalgia by offering you a diverse selection of classic and cult games. Compact and easy to carry, it turns every moment of pause into a captivating adventure. It's the future of retro gaming, and it's at your fingertips, ready to transport you into a world of entertainment.

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Working hard every week, I wanted a simple and fun way to relax. This machine made every dull moment more enjoyable. It makes me nostalgic and changes everything.


Our mini retro gaming console is here to combat daily boredom, just like Laura discovered. Picture yourself, always on the go, seeking a way to entertain yourself during waiting moments. That's where our console comes into play.

Moreover, our retro console provides total immersion in the gaming world, away from digital distractions. Whether you're nostalgic for classics or seeking new challenges, our wide range of games will meet all your expectations. Laura felt it, our mini retro gaming console turns every waiting moment into a true escape into a captivating gaming world.

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We're so confident in the effectiveness of our machine that if you're not nostalgic within 30 days, we'll refund you. No questions asked.


We have absolute confidence in our retro gaming console. So much so that if you're not completely satisfied with your experience within 30 days of purchase, we'll give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose, except perhaps the time spent without our incredible retro gaming console!


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Our Customer Reviews


With this product, it's like having 23 consoles in 1! You can choose the games according to the console you want to play. I love all the games I've played so far, and their graphics bring back memories of my childhood.


Been pleasantly surprised by the product's quality. Bought it for the nostalgia, didn't have high hopes for it, but it's been a pleasant surprise. Really digging it, but gotta keep playing 'cause I've only tried a few things so far.


Arrived before scheduled, excellent way to play all the classcs. Can't deny I wantedto have this for long time now.


Im' still looking through but I'm in love 


Very good! It's worth every penny. Pure nostalgia! The controls are very good and the screen is great. Whoever buys won't regret it.


I tried it and it works well. I loved it. Now just play with my son...


Has way more games than I'll ever get though playing. Even has Asteroids!! Great fun!!

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I like how it's has a lot of the old 90's games on it reminds me of being a kid play crash and Mario and donkey Kong over and over again

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